KGPVI Rolls Out First Sponsored Content Placement Campaign On Weekly Top 10 Music Video Program – US Virgin Islands Entertainment News Update.

KGPVI Rolls Out First Beta Sponsored Content Promo on Going Bananas Platform.

Click Image To View Video.

By #Aftertainment on July 5th, 2019

This week a partnership between Nothing x Ordinary – Aftertainment – KGPVI produced the first beta version of sponsored promo content for the Going Bananas Platform. This campaign is in part another effort to bring high quality Virgin Islands music entertainment content to the loving fans and viewers. It is our hope to be an effective in moving the scene forward facilitating the greater fulfillment and experience for both music producers as well as music lovers..

The campaign comprises many marketing initiatives and encompasses the utilization of the full connected suite of the KGP Virgin Islands Network. Campaigns are custom built from the ground up and work greatly in the favor of the brand development process and overall artistic presentation of the artists.

Aftertainment™ was built on foundational concepts found in pushing the envelopes of creativity. As a Brainchild of The Nyah Lyan Foundation the company is an integral part of the conceptual vision of developing a bustling digital economy in the US Virgin Islands. This is just the beginning.
#Aftertainment #CreativeIntelligence

It is our hope to be an effective instrument in moving the scene forward. We are the US Virgin islands Digital Media Auxiliary.


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