In the US Virgin islands, information and news has traditionally been shared via terrestrial stations and/or brick and mortar periodical print production presses like the Virgin Islands Daily News and The St. Croix Avis. Technology and social media being harnessed properly gave way to probably one of the major paradigm shifts we are going to see in Virgin islands media History. The brilliant mind behind one of the pioneers in this shift is the founder and powerhouse behind The Virgin Islands Consortium. Ernice and his team completely revolutionized the level of access virgin islanders have to breaking news and informative articles on every important subject matter happening in our community. The synchronizing of digital platforms opened up a new level of real time dialogue and cross sharing of information spreading the visibility of trending and important news articles around certain issues that was not possible to weigh in on publicly the past.

Technology powers Collaboration.

The level of collaboration and networking taking place in various industries in the US Virgin Islands is unprecedented. The ability for companies, professionals and government agencies to work horizontally to move their collective industries forward as a whole has become the new wave of business in the Virgin islands and the benefits are quite visible already. This new found business mentality has opened up for the exchange of much more information, resources and opportunities than ever before. Companies and teams are sharing contacts and partnering on ventures to spread and share visibility thus improving the credibility and viability of each respective industry. It is truly an amazing time to be in business in the Virgin islands.

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Web Systems and Online Platforms Broadening Marketing Reach.

As America’s paradise, many of the major government funded promotional and marketing campaigns geared towards shedding positive light on the Virgin islands people, culture and attractiveness as a tourist destination, often is impacted by the necessity of marketing these visual campaigns to off island outlets, by effect never gaining the organic push of the Virgin islands people themselves due to cultural pride and identifying with the positive images and messages of the Islands. Technology and social platforms are now making these marketing campaigns not only visible to the Larger Virgin Islands Community in the territory and abroad, but allows us to share, engage and do our own grass roots promotion marketing our beautiful islands with our own interpretations of their appeal.

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Aftertainment™ was built on foundational concepts found in pushing the envelopes of creativity. As a Brainchild of The Nyah Lyan Foundation the company is an integral part of the conceptual vision of developing a bustling digital economy in the US Virgin Islands. This is just the beginning.
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It is our hope to be an effective instrument in moving the scene forward. We are the Virgin islands Digital Media Auxiliary.


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